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Bulk Butterfly Pea Tea

Bulk Butterfly Pea Tea

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Butterfly Pea tea is one of the most beautiful looking flower teas on Earth. Why? Because it is NATURALLY BLUE! Not to mention, this pea-flavoured tea is densed with all healthy nutritions and vitamins for your body!
And did we mention, Butterfly Pea tea is GOOD FOR YOUR EYES! So if you're one with some vision troubles, you might want to keep this beautiful blue tea by your side at all times. It's tasty AND attractive! 
P/s: Wanna see a magic trick? Squeeze some lemon juice in the tea and see how the colour changes! 

Benefits of Butterfly Pea tea:
1. Strengthens the hair for healthy hair growth.
2. Prevents skin bruising.
3. Keeps skin glowing and healthy.
4. Treats urinary problems.
5. Improves eyesight and night vision.
6. Treats eye infections.
7. Stimulates blood circulation.
8. Detoxifies the whole body.
9. Provides antioxidents.
10. Slows aging process.
11. Enhances immune system.

Disclaimer: This list of benefits is a combination of what our supplier suggested, as well as some added information from Google.

How to brew a flower tea:

Add 1-2 teaspoons of the flower tea to 1 mug of hot water (approximately 400ml), and let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes. Add honey or sugar to sweeten, if desired. Can be drank without any sweetener. Can be drank as hot tea, or serve it cold as a delicious and thirst quenching juice.

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