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Lavender Tea

Lavender Tea

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This fragrant and beautiful purple coloured flower buds are packed with health benefits. And it tastes good too! 😍😍

Benefits of Lavender Tea:
• Calms and relaxes the mind.
• Soothes anxiety and stress.
• Insomnia relief.
• Antiseptic.
• Reduces inflammations and irritations (also when applied topically).
• Helps in reducing hair loss.
• Aids in digestion.

Disclaimer: This list of benefits is a combination of what our supplier suggested, as well as some added information from Google.

Weight per jar: 40g

1 jar makes about 30-40 cups of freshly brewed tea.

Best served cold with a fresh slice on lemon and honey.

How to brew a flower tea:

Add 1-2 teaspoons of the flower tea to 1 mug of hot water (approximately 400ml), and let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes. Add honey or sugar to sweeten, if desired. Can be drank without any sweetener. Can be drank as hot tea, or serve it cold as a delicious and thirst quenching juice.

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