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Lip Polish & Lip Balm Set

Lip Polish & Lip Balm Set

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Lip Polish & Lip Balm Set

We highly recommend you to take this Lip Set if you're interested in the Lip Polish, because it is very necessary to apply a moisturizing Lip Balm after scrubbing. We've also prepared a matching Lip Balm scent to all of the Lip Polishes. What better way to try both of those amazing products if not with this Lip Set, yes? Achieve the maximum potential for our lip products to heal and beautify your lips while indulging in your favorite flavors - guilt free! :)

*If you wish to purchase different flavors of this Lip Set, you may do so after adding your first choice to the cart and starting over at this page with your next flavor of choice. :)

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Mango Island Lip Polish

Lychee Geranium Lip Polish

Apple Crisp Lip Polish

Fresh Pear Lip Polish

Cherry Caramel Lip Polish

Mango Island Lip Balm

Lychee Geranium Lip Balm

Apple Crisp Lip Balm

Fresh Pear Lip Balm

Cherry Caramel Lip Balm

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