About US

Our Story:

Natural Wonders (formerly known as Organic Touch Malaysia) was established in February 2015, while the founder, Raihan Jasmine was just a final year student of Biotech Engineering, in IIUM. The whole concept of ‘handmade beauty’ idea started when she was only 17. Being brought up in the city of Shah Alam, far away from knowledges of traditional beauty concepts, she became so amazed and mesmerized when she found out about the traditional methods of how the locals used to make skincare products back in the days, using only ingredients found abundantly in nature, in the land of Asia. These findings were incredibly exciting and rare to her, to the point that she got so curious and excited at the same time, and she tried to re-make all those skincare products using only the ingredients she found at home. This hobby and passion grew over the years, with no signs of stopping. She explored the world of natural ingredients, learnt about the traditional beauty secrets from different parts of the world, experimented with multiple skincare, bath and body care product formulations, and made them for her personal use with no intention of selling them. Until she got to her final year of studies, where her close friends encouraged her to make a business out of it. Hence, the business was born.

In the early days when the business started, the products were only sold within the campus. But through the magic of internet and social media, they began to receive orders from outside the campus, and customers requested them to have the products shipped to various destinations all across Malaysia.

Realizing the untapped market of ‘handmade and all-natural skincare’ products in her country at the time, and the rising demands she received from her ever-growing number of customers, Raihan decided to make it her full-time job at focusing and building the brand right after she graduated. What started with just a hobby and a passion, coupled with the knowledge of Biotech Engineering, the business grew and expanded from just one Rose Face Mist to now, over 50 different products (and still counting) – all handmade, and using high quality natural-based ingredients.

Our Aim:

Natural Wonders become a name that reminds people of skincare beauty infused with mother nature.

Our Mission:

Natural Wonders strives at exploring, producing, and distributing to the world, a line of skincare and bath and body care products that are made with natural ingredients, and everything handmade from scratch (with traditional techniques), to help people heal their skin with the least amount of synthetic ingredients possible.

Our Theme:

At Natural Wonders, we portray ourselves as a brand that is big with natural ingredients in the formulations, and therefore, chose to use pastel blue, white, and gold colors in our theme.

Pastel Blue represents calmness, because we love how nature makes us calm and therefore that’s what we want our products do to the skin.

White represents cleanliness, because we make sure that everything we use in making the products are always clean and sterilized. We do not take any chances at letting the bad bacteria from nature get to our goods.

And gold represents luxury. The high level of natural ingredients in the products we make, puts them at a whole other standard in the beauty world. You cannot get it any more luxury and authentic than that.

We also use the image of feathers in our logo, because to us, this represents gentleness and delicateness. This means that we make our products with the idea of having the gentleness of a feather landing to the skin. It’s always gentle. Which is why our products are safe be used by sensitive skins, and even kids aged 3 and above.

None of our products defy this concept of gentleness.