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Masking Accessories

Masking Accessories

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Masking Accessories

If you love to use our ready-to-use face masks, then you NEED to have atleast one set of this Masking Accessories. You can either choose to get a whole set or get them individually. 

  • Face Mask Applicator Wand

Use this wand to pick up the face mask directly from the jar, and apply it directly to your skin. Be sure to clean it well before and after application.

  • Konjac Sponge

After masking, use this sponge to remove the mask from your skin easily. To use, wet the sponge first with clean water until sponge becomes soft. Squeeze out any excess water and use the sponge to clean the mask from your skin. If there is too much product on the sponge, just rinse it off with water and repeat the steps until the mask is completely off your skin.

*This sponge will turn hard once it's completely dry. Be sure to let the sponge dry completely before storing it when not in use, to prevent molding.


  • Accessories Set (x1 wand, x3 sponge): RM15
  • Applicator Wand Only (1 pcs): RM10
  • Konjac Sponge Only (3 pcs): RM6.50

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