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Spellbound Reed Diffuser (Collaboration with Rumawangi)

Spellbound Reed Diffuser (Collaboration with Rumawangi)

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Spellbound Reed Diffuser (Collaboration with Rumawangi)

Love at first sight, Spellbound at first breath


Spellbound Reed Diffuser is our first ever home fragrance product, and it's a collaboration with Rumawangi, our favorite local brand that speciallizes in home fragrances. They make the best blends of scents that are perfect for every type of room!

This magical blue coloured fragrance is an original scent that took us months to perfect the formulation. It's made with an exclusive blend of floral, fresh, and luxury and will fill the entire room with bliss. 

How to use:
Carefully remove the plastic stopper and place the reed sticks in the solution. Wait for the reeds to absorb the liquid for 5 minutes, and flip the reeds to expose the dipped ends. Place the Reed Diffuser at a neat little corner in your room, take a video, and tag us! :)
Note: Please flip the reeds once a week to allow proper scent distribution.

50ml Spellbound Reed Diffuser
8pcs black reed sticks

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